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Apr 26

Xbox SA GOWJ Tournament – Round 2

Round 3 - Rig

Week 2 of the Xbox SA GOWJ Tournament upped its production values with some top notch commentary and smooth streams from of the all the matches and they were repaid by the community for their efforts as the stream chat was busy throughout the night. Even though we haven’t seen any major upsets yet that …

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Apr 18

Xbox SA GOWJ Tournament – Round 1

Last week Friday saw the kick off of the Xbox South Africa Gears of War Judgment Tournament featuring both Clan and Singles play. The tournament is set to be one of the highest profile Gears of War tournaments in South Africa so we here at Crimson Moon Rising are definitely excited for it.

Mar 17

Grand Finale: Final Wrap (+ Winners!)

Thursday past brought an end to local competitive Gears of War 3 with the finals of out Grand Finale Tournament. Our final showcase of South African Gears of War 3 (don’t worry Judgment is on it’s way) talent and it did not disappoint.

Mar 10

GOW3 Grand Finale: Week 2

Grand Finale Week 2

Week two hosting the group stages of the tournament was always going to be the most hectic and busiest week of the tourney. We want to thank all the teams for their patience during the small setbacks we had.

Mar 04

Grand Finale Prizes Announced

Prizes Revealed

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