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Jul 02

Forza Sunday – Hot Hatch Challenge

When you hit Driver Level 19, you can choose one of what Forza calls Ultimate Hot Hatches. These are the hottest of the hot hatches, exceeded in hotness only by the Hyper Hot Hatches… but that is a discussion for another day.

Jul 02

Rotary Festival final standings

Better late than never is a good saying, especially since it applies to this post. To calm the nerves of those who’ve been chewing nails worrying about log placings, here it is in all it’s glory:

Jun 20

Rotary Festival captured on camera

This past Sunday CMR hosted a Rotary Festival for Forza 4 enthusiasts and we had a good turn out. Most of the racers came packing personalised rotary powered machines, but we had a few who were late to the party and raced vehicles that fit the Performance Index.

Jun 05

Forza Sunday – Rotary Festival

Celebrate the whine of the Wankel engine and join us in the Rotary Festival this Sunday, 17 June 2012 from 20:30. We’ll be racing Mazda’s unique RX models (the only production rotary powered sport cars) in 7 circuit races with points awarded based on your finishing position.

Jun 01

The History of Forza Sunday

The roots of Forza Sundays can be traced back to Forza 3 weirdly enough. I loved Forza 3 and appreciated the effort put into the look and feel of the cars and tracks. Despite this, I didn’t really play it all that much and I always felt that was a great pity. After seeing previews of Forza …

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