Mar 08

GOWJ: More Content!

Gears of War JudgmentEven at the world premiere of Judgment Epic continue to reveal new GOWJ content.

Season Pass & Free DLC

About two or more weeks ago Maxim Mag announced that they would be sposoring a free DLC pack for GOWJ availble 2 weeks after release. Included in the DLC pack would be two new maps; Haven and Capitol as well as an additional game mode – EXECUTION! Now if you didn’t knw, my only real gripe of the game was the lack of single life game mode. Well it turns out that I wasn’t the only one and Epic decided to take it back.

Gears of War Judgment

Baird and Cole sporting awesome looking skins on Haven

Epic also went on too detail the season pass for GOWJ which at 1800MSP (1000MSP if you pre-order from BT Games) claims you 6 maps, 9 exclusive skins, 2 game modes and permanent double XP. Reading in between the lines, we believe the season pass content to be in addition to the content from the free Maxim DLC which means 8 extra maps in total as well as 3 game modes. What do you think the other 2 game modes could be? Updated versions of Guardian or Wingman or completely brand new game modes?

World Premiere Event

This past weekend a the world premiere event for GOWJ on Xbox LIVE they revealed two more content drops. First was “Aftermath” an unlockable bonus campaign act set during the time period as Gears of War 3 when Bird and Cole return to Halvo Bay. They also finally announced that a horde-like mode would be returning in as “Survival Mode”.
If who you ever found that horde was a bit too much of a marathon you’ll be happy to hear that survival mode is only 10 waves and will incorporate the class system from overrun as well.

Full Event Stream


There have already been a few new weapons added to GOWJ and this week they added one omre weapon to the Judgment arsenal. Say hello to the Tripwire Crossbow.

Weapon Videos
Tripwire Crossbow Markza Breachshot Booshka

The videos only show the tripwire being used in campaign or survival so we’re not sure if it will be available in multiplayer or not, but it’s a cool addition and GOWJ is looking an awesome game indeed. Enjoy the launch trailer.


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