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Jul 07

My first Forza 4 DLC pack


So some Forza 4 DLC was on special again last week, this seems to happen quite often. Seeing how I had some MS points lying around I decided to buy the February pack, mostly because of a certain car… It would also give me a chance to finally decide whether these DLC packs are worth it, or …

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Jul 02

Rotary Festival final standings

Better late than never is a good saying, especially since it applies to this post. To calm the nerves of those who’ve been chewing nails worrying about log placings, here it is in all it’s glory:

Jun 20

Rotary Festival captured on camera

This past Sunday CMR hosted a Rotary Festival for Forza 4 enthusiasts and we had a good turn out. Most of the racers came packing personalised rotary powered machines, but we had a few who were late to the party and raced vehicles that fit the Performance Index.

Jun 05

Forza Sunday – Rotary Festival

Celebrate the whine of the Wankel engine and join us in the Rotary Festival this Sunday, 17 June 2012 from 20:30. We’ll be racing Mazda’s unique RX models (the only production rotary powered sport cars) in 7 circuit races with points awarded based on your finishing position.