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Nov 10

CMR Interviews: z00bear

For those of you who read our previous interview with Blackwiddow01 you might remember how we at CMR believe in chivalry. Following up on that, our next clan interview will be done with one of our clans top gentleman….The man so chivalrous he wont hurt you in a game of gears… z00bear!

Oct 20

[Tournament] Magic 2013 XBLA (1v1)

GroundZero coaxed us into starting to play Magic 2013 and it’s gathered quite a growing following amongst the clan members. So much that it’s time to test our skills against the rest of Xboxland.

Sep 24

CMR vs CMR 2.0

We sat and waited for long enough, time to put our idle hands (and trigger fingers) into action.

Sep 23

Clan Friendlies: Challenge Us!

Crimson Moon Rising is committed to promoting local competitive gaming and the best way to grow and improve competitive gaming in South Africa (particularly on consoles) is to get teams/players familiar with competitive settings.