Apr 27

Welcome to Crimson Moon Rising!

CMR Logo

It’s taken awhile but we’ve finally been able to put the controller down long enough for us to launch our official clan website. Our little window to the world.

We’re still in the learning to walk phase before we run with regards to making & and running a website so things will undoubtable change, hopefully for the better :P

What we’re about

For those meeting us for the first time we are Crimson Moon Rising; a South African Xbox Gaming Clan with a focussed interest in local console gaming. Our games of choice are:

  1. Gears of War 3 (which we play competitively)
  2. Forza 4 (for which we host local community sessions)
  3. FIFA 12 (in which we pretend to be good)
  4. Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing (which everyone should try)

CMR Forza

Once we get the basics down we’ll hopefully post news on local community and clan events as well as video’s & pictures of our unique gaming exploits and perhaps even a review or two.

Launch Competition

Now seeing that it’s a special occassion and all, we’re feeling rather generous so we have 2 download tokens (Crysis 2 & Fable 3). Big thanks to clan member BogusHenry for the prize sponsor.
To stand a chance of winning the token, all you have to do is give our facebook page a like, follow us on twitter or sub us on youtube. The winners will be announced next week Friday, 29 June 2012.

CMR Facebook CMR Twitter CMR Youtube

Shoot you all on the battlefied / bump you on the road.
- Crimson Moon Rising

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