Jun 05

ZA King of the Hill Knockout

zaKotH Knockout

Attention all ZA Gears players, there’s a new Gears of War 3 tournament coming your way. Extending our relationship with El33tonline and #GearsWednesday we’re putting on a King of the Hill Knockout tournament. Happening this June, in fact it’s only a few weeks away because we’re that excited about it.

UPDATE: Note updated fields in green. Match Forfeit section added.


Date: 23 – 24 June 2012
Format: Double Elimination
Teams: 4v4
Registration: Maximum of 5 members per team (4+1 reserve)
Please indicate who will be captain and who will be host
Those not in a team of 4 may register as wildcards (groups smaller than 4) and we will attempt to complete their teams.Register here (registration closes 19 June)
Host: Private
Each team is required to have at least one member with a 4mb ADSL line.
Matches: Prelims – Best of 5
Double Elim – Best of 3

All matches will take place on Saturday (23/06) and Sunday (24/06). Play will start at about 11am on Saturday.Allowances for breaks will be allowed but for the most we would prefer for all matches to be played as soon as possible, so that the event doesn’t run too late. Provisionally a 7pm cutoff has been set, all outstanding matches will need to be completed on Sunday before the final.

Wildcard Registration

Wildcard registration is an attempt to get everyone involved even if you dont have a team. Wildcards will be randomly put together in teams of 4. Wildcards will be dealt with on a first-come-first-serve basis. No guarrentees will be made, so it’s best to find your own team.


No. Rounds: 1
Points to Win: 210 pts
Bleed-out: 20 seconds
Friendly Fire: Off
Loadout: Lancer/HB/Gnasher Only
Weapon Respawn: After Use
Weapon Swaps: Server swaps
Maps: Checkout
Raven Down
Misc: Off-host team always gets choice of Cog or Locust
Team with the most points during the match will host the tiebreaker map
In the event of a rare tie, flip a coin to decide. Winner of the last map calls it
Each team must use different characters and no clones. Only ONE “Skinny” Character per Cog team and Locust team
Skinnies = Ladies (Anya, Civ Anya, Sam, Bernie, Valeria or Myrrah)
Skinnies = Kantus’ (Savage Kantus, Savage Kantus LE, Kantus)

Match Forfeits

  • Each team may restart a map within the first 2 minutes of the round (only once though)
  • Maps may be restarted because of:
    - players dropping
    - incorrect weapon swaps
    - players spawning with no weapons
    - teams spawning with incorrect numbers
    - excessive lag i.e. walking on walls, cannot move, etc
    - NOT sponging
  • If a team has a player dropping twice from the same map, the team forfeits the map. They can however carry on with remaining players if they want. They will need to carry on if a player drops after the first 2 minutes of the map.
  • Teams failing to get online within suggested times will forfeit.
  • If an extra player joins the match, it is the captain/hosts responsability to inform them to leave. Lobbies should be set to invite only to prevent this.
  • Exploiting game breaking glitches. e.g. moving out of bounds, using non-map weapons, crab walking, etc.


The prizes pictured below will be randomly awarded to individual players. The figurines can be delivered via SAPO/Speed Services, the Lancer replica however will need to be collected in person in JHB or otherwise arranged.
The members of the winning team will each receive a 1200 MS Points voucher.

zaKotH Prizes

All prizes have been sponsored by local Gears players. Thanks to those that contributed.

If there is anything that I may have missed or other questions, please ask them in the comments.
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  1. NinjasCreed

    Nice Chaps!Lets do this!

  2. jGLZA

    If anyone has any issues with the registration process please let us know.
    It’s the first time we’re using this system.

  3. z00bear

    Fantastic stuff!

  4. BogusHenry

    Looking forward to some Gears action again!!!!

  5. greatwyt

    sweeet im so in!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love it, let the mayhem begin!

  6. Voogle11

    Awesome mate, can’t wait for this. Does off-host team choose map?

    1. jGLZA

      Good question.
      For first round games we will allocate maps to each match, to speed up the process and get things flowing. For the final rounds however (when stuff gets serious) we’ll have off-host team choose.

      1. Voogle11

        Cool cool sounds good

  7. Snote Cork

    Can there only be 4 players? Or do we need to have 1 reserve?

    1. CMRZA

      Yes, it says you may have a maximum of 5. So you do not need a reserve.
      If you want to make a late registration, email kothtourney@gmail.com asap.

  8. Sebastian

    Why is it on private servers? The lag is going to be ridiculous. Not to mention the host advantage. Make it on ranked servers rather. It’ll be better for everyone.

    1. CMRZA

      The lag will not be ridiculous. We have been testing private games for the past two weeks and it has been working quite well. That is why it’s explicitly stated in the rules that the host’s have 4mb ADSL lines and the rotating host should even out host advantage.

  9. kent

    i agree with sebastian, people will complain and use lag as an excuse, unless you ask mweb if you can do hosting from there but its to late, iv been playing on uk servers since gears 2, so lag wont affect me :D

    1. CMRZA

      Gears 2 never had servers. You were playing on UK host, madness!
      MWEB wouldn’t be able to help either, they have no control over the servers.

  10. Voogle11

    Can’t we use KOTH alpha servers? That’s 4v4 and we can keep matchmaking until 1 of the playable maps comes up? Just make a rule that you can’t pick up retro or sawed-off

    1. CMRZA

      Ranked servers are erratic, sometimes they work like a charm and other times matchmaking is impossible. Also the map selection would cause too much of a delay and prolong the time inbetween games, nobody wants to sit in lobbies searching all day thats the main reason we’re hosting it over a single weekend.

  11. MrDestroyer13

    Any news about which teams we are going to play?

    1. jGLZA

      The brackets have been draw. Will only be able to post later tonight though.
      Rules & map lists will also be updated tonight.

      1. MrDestroyer13

        Thanks :)

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